Найважливіше про психічне здоров'я

Invitation for new PTSD training: RTM

RTM is a drug-free, non-traumatizing, cognitive reimaging protocol for treating PTSD.
In 3 sessions, RTM eliminates nightmares and flashbacks in over 90% of clients. Research follow-ups at the 1-year mark indicated clients’ symptom free.
Unlike other therapies, clients are not asked to fully re-experience traumatic events.
RTM has emerging evidentiary medicine status. (Kitchiner et al, 2019, Astill-Wright et al, 2021)
In 3-4 treatment sessions, RTM leads the client through a series of visual exercises designed to disconnect the target trauma memories from their coupled traumatic feelings 1-4. This neurological process is called Reconsolidation. It severs the connection of the traumatic memories, to their traumatic feelings 5-9.
Clinically significant reduction (PCL drop of 17.71) in PTSD in veterans with complex PTSD in RCT compared with PCL drop of 8.38 in TF-CBT population. (n=60)
NICE have recommended that RTM is a clinical effective cognitive therapy and further large-scale trials be conducted.